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General Thoughts: New Shows

Here are some of my thoughts on some of the new shows that premiered this week. I just love this part of the year as I get to sample a bunch of new series and add the ones that intrigue me most to my collection. Sadly many of the most promising news shows haven’t even started yet such as Awake (I am too excited for this one), Once Upon A Time, The River etc…


The first new show I tried this year. Of course I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Buffy in particular was the first show I ever truly loved so I had to give this a chance. Sadly, I have to say I was quite disappointed. I kept expecting Ringer to be something like the new Damages (SMG herself said that show inspired her to go with this script) but what we got instead was a lot of cheesy-ness and something more of a guilty pleasure. Nonetheless, I stuck with it and four episodes in, I’m definitely still watching. This show should have been mind-blowingly fantastic but it ended up being amusing with some interesting twists here and there. Here’s hoping Ringer blossoms into epic, can’t-miss television. They have all the ingredients. They just need to cook em better.
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Terra Nova
I’ve only seen the 2-part pilot so far and I’m pretty sure I’m sticking with it. It has quite a few flaws but the potential is definitely there. I must say I loved the chemistry between our two lead protagonists. The wife in particular is a charming presence and the ambition of the show is too impressive not to appreciate. The dinosaur effects however were quite disappointing for something that had been postponed for so long. The seeds for a mythology have been planted (although waaayyy too exposition-heavy) but I’ll definitely see where this goes.
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Charlie’s Angels
I had high hopes for this one. I was expecting something light and enjoyable but instead I got average and boring. The pilot was barely passable but the second episode was cringe-worthy and painful to watch. Really bad television in every sense of the word. They really screwed up something that could have been very entertaining and charming. Pity.
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I finally saw the first 2 episodes last night and WOW! I actually find this to be the best new show of the season so far. Emily Van De Camp is perfectly cast and the whole feel of the show is great. I was quite surprised by just how quickly the show hooked me with its simple premise and meticulous execution. I’m very excited to see if they’ll continue on the right path and I’m even more intrigued to see how they intend to drag the show beyond this season if it gets renewed (which seems to be a possibility). I particularly enjoyed Madeline Stowe who is simply perfectly cast.
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The Secret Circle
Saw the first two episodes. It started out pretty good with the brutal murder but the rest was nothing special. I don’t like the blonde lead so much; she doesn’t strike me as the most charismatic actress. I’m intrigued by the older generation that’s for sure. Not dying to continue but I’m sure I will eventually if I hear the show improves!
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The premise of this show just intrigued me too much. Desperate Housewives but with a sitcom twist? Definitely there. I’ve seen two episodes so far and it was definitely amusing. Wasn’t great but a pleasant enough diversion. Cheryl Hines was definitely a highlight. I don’t honestly see this show lasting long but I’ll stick with it if it continues to be entertaining.
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2 Broke Girls
Okay I seriously have NO IDEA why I’m watching this show. It’s the biggest new comedy hit of the season so I imagined it would be as hilarious as Modern Family or Cougar Town but sadly it’s not. It’s pretty cheap and useless. Nonetheless, I watched the first three episodes and I kind of want to watch some more. Color me confused but something about it is charming in a cheap sitcom-y sort of way. It did put a smile on my face so we’ll see. I’m embarrassed to say this but I might continue watching it.
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That’s all the news shows I’ve watched for now. Of the ones that started already, I still have to see Pan Am (I’m positive I’ll enjoy it) and The Playboy Club (actually since it got cancelled, not anymore. maybe just the pilot out of curiosity).


  1. Hey, Nadim. Came over here to see your review of the beginning of Revenge. I completely agree with you. The pilot was brilliantly executed. I watched it again and it was one of the few things I've seen that was better the second time through — probably because I knew better who all the players are.

    The second episode kept me hooked as well. This is such a simple premise, but it is wildly addictive. Plus, Madeline Stowe plays a fantastic villain. Definitely something I will keep watching.

  2. Hey Chris.
    I'm SO glad you finally started Revenge 🙂 My reviews for the show started out very short during the first half of the year but slowly became more detailed as I became more accustomed to writing reviews. I do hope you'll enjoy them and I do hope I get to re-write my reviews for season 1 for Billie Doux this summer when I have the time! Anyways since you liked the first two eps, you're really going to love the whole season so I'm very pleased! It truly is a phenomenal debut year!

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