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The Good Wife 3×01 – A New Day


One of my favorite new shows, The Good Wife sure came back with a bang! I actually just discovered this show a month ago and found myself pleasantly surprised by how excellent it was. Julianna Marguiles is a truly phenomenal actress and has evolved into one of my favorite TV characters of all time. You simply root for her no matter what. Couple that with a fantastic ensemble, excellent writing, and some killer moments, and you get one heck of a cool show. As for the premiere, it did an excellent job of setting up this coming year. The beginning with Alicia getting off the elevator in the first truly happy mood we’ve ever seen her in was just charmingly great. And although we didn’t see her night with Will, their rendezvous at the end was especially hot for broadcast TV standards! Finally, I just can’t wait to see how Peter vs Alicia is going to pan out this season. The fact that they’re going to be on opposite sides in court is just icing on the cake. We’re in for a fascinating ride and I for one can not wait. Here’s to one of my favorite new addictions.  

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  1. You seriously watch like all my favorite shows! The Good Wife is soooo good, with one of the strongest ensembles on TV. I was a little concerned about this season because the promo campaign was all sexy and annoying, but the show hasn't changed at all so far.

    Love your site, too. Nice look to it.

  2. I had the same fears when I saw the promo (although I did like the poster and the whole tagline about not judging the name) but was thankfully relieved after watching the first episode. Will watch the second tonight.
    Thank you for checking out my site and commenting! Always fun to read your thoughts!

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