Revenge 1×03 – Betrayal


Wow! This show keeps getting better. This is certainly my favorite new drama of the year and it’s just excellent on every level. I can not praise Van De Camp and Stowe enough for their excellent portrayals. Moreover, Emily Thorne has just become a kickass character and I love that she is so unapologetic for how she is and all the evil plans she’s hatching. The way she took down a senator in this episode was fantastic and it’s brilliant how she’s always one step ahead of everyone else. Finally, I loved how much depth Victoria was given with the simple notion that she really did love David. Wonderful.

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  1. I loved TVD this week too, best episode this season, and this season has been pretty amazing so far too! It most so fast, I hope that they can keep it up for the next few years. I'm hoping it ends after a fifth season though, I've a feeling that a show that moves this quickly will start falling apart if it runs too long.

    But True Blood actually had a great fourth season if I'm honest! I find it hard to compare the two at times because they're such different series. As for a Buffy successor, I always think that its in a league of its own. No show will ever live up to it!

  2. Ah that's too bad we disagree on True Blood. I truly hated this season 🙁 I don't know why. After all I love witches (as evidenced by my Charmed love and I recently started The Secret Circle) but something was soo off about this last season. They have soooo useless characters I got bored and tuned out of quite a few episodes. Oh well. I'm sure 5 will be great as the finale set it up wonderfully!

  3. Just watched episodes three and four of Revenge. What I find so fascinating about this show is that I am rooting for a woman who is destroying lives, taking innocents down with her. The shrug she gives when Nolan confronts her with that fact in episode three is chilling and yet oddly understandable.

    Likewise, Madeline Stowe does a simply outstanding job as Victoria. It would have been so easy to make her a cartoon villain, yet she endows the character with a level of pain and pathos that is nearly heartbreaking. As I watch her make bad decision after bad decision, there is part of me that wants to just give her a hug. Brilliant!

    I have to agree with Nadim on the whole Vampire Diaries vs. True Blood debate. I like them both, but Vampire Diaries just keeps me glued to my computer screen episode after episode. The storytelling and the characters are among the best on television right now.

  4. Chris that's EXACTLY my favorite aspect of the show. The notion that you find yourself rooting for somebody who is hatching some truly vicious plots is just simply amazing! I love how unapologetically brutal she is.

    And yes Madeline Stowe might just be my favorite thing about Revenge. As evil as she is, I always find myself rooting for her. She's just fantastic on every level.

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