Supernatural 7×03 – The Girl Next Door


Hmmm… It’s weird, I’ve had a very love-hate relationship with  Supernatural throughout it’s run. Sometimes I love it and I find myself very attached to the characters and the storylines, and sometimes I just find myself bored and tuning out of episodes. I really can’t explain it. I just keep going in and out of phases with the show. Maybe I’m just not as emotionally attached to the brothers as I should be. I do know that I’ve liked the show less since Castiel joined (yes I might be the one person on earth who HATES the character) so thankfully he’s not here now. As for this episode, I like the Leviathans as villains. They suitably creep me out and I worry for the Winchesters’ safety. This episode was a bit too standalone for my taste (something that annoys me about this show when they break up a heavily serialized storyline for monster of the week stuff) but the ending was too delicious (Leviathons & Nachoes) not to at least allow me to give this episode a passing grade. Still, the flashbacks bored me. Let’s hope the next episode picks up the slack and gets us back to the good stuff.

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