Modern Family

Modern Family 3×06 – Go Bullfrogs


A very good episode. Not as great as last weeks but nonetheless enjoyable. I do have to mention that I thought Cam and Mitch’s storyline had a HORRIBLE resolution. What was the point of the crazy woman attacking them with the bat at the end? It made absolutely no sense and there was just no buildup to it. It was especially strange. Nevertheless, the rest of the cast was so on point that it truly elevated the episode into a very delightful hour. Claire’s drunken escapades were hilarious and Phil’s cheer-leading routine was truly priceless. However, Gloria & Manny definitely made the episode. The former’s horror at the thought of the latter enjoying some alone time was just brilliant. And of course, Jay watching the soap opera was the cherry on top. But, please, someone explain to me that damn bat-woman.

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