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The Walking Dead 2×01 – What Lies Ahead


It’s funny, the first season of the Walking Dead premiered almost one year ago and while I watched all 6 episodes, I don’t have such great memories of it. The pilot was excellent to be sure, and I remember being very excited for the show, but the rest of the episodes were not as great as they should have been. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the show and was intrigued when I heard the season 2 premiere was the biggest ratings success in cable HISTORY. So with that, I watched the premiere and lo and behold, it was excellent!

The sequence with the zombie herd making their way past our survivors was one of the most suspenseful tv scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Andrea being attacked in particular was gripping and horrifying. The aspect that this series really has going for it is that it allows us to focus on a select few characters in a very singular environment without being distracted by useless side plots and superfluous storylines. Also the series is building up some excellent mechanics and relationships within its cast as it’s just fascinating to watch a group deal with each other in such an apocalyptic scenario.

Finally, how can I NOT mention the mind-blowing cliffhanger at the end of the premiere? Carl getting shot was shocking and extremely unexpected as I’m just not used to seeing kids being shot so brutally on TV shows. If they do kill him off, I will truly be impressed by the writers’ bravery. Let’s see where we go from here but I’m definitely in for the season.

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