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Once Upon A Time 1×01 – Pilot


I loved this premiere. Of course it had its cheesy moments, that was a given considering the source material but they managed to pack in so much exposition in a manner that was both intriguing and dynamic.

Jennifer Morrison is a fantastic choice for a lead as she obviously has the range and charisma to carry a show. Lana Parilla as the evil Queen was also excellent. She was suitably over-the-top in the fairytale world but played it perfectly in Storybrook. She’ll undoubtedly be an intriguing foe.

I also loved the episode’s visual style. The fairytale world in particular was a delight to watch with the sweeping camera shots and marvelous production design. Moreover, the show’s CGI is extremely impressive. When you look at shows like Terra Nova which must have cost ten times as much yet did not know how to properly use their resources, you are definitely wowed by how excellent the effects were in this. I can tell this show is going to be such a fun ride and I’m very glad to hear it had great ratings for its premiere last night.

Here’s hoping the ratings stick because the final minute was excellent (especially the rousing music) with Emma checking in to “Granny’s Inn” followed by the appearance of Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin and of course the clock moving. I’m just truly impressed by the scope and feel of this show. High hopes indeed for this one. 

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  1. I'm going to wait to see how this show shapes up over the next few weeks before I start to watch it, the smae with regards to ratings. I don't want another 'Sarah Connor Chronicles' situation! But jusging by your reveiw, I think I'l enjoy it a whole lot!

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