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Desperate Housewives 8×05 – The Art Of Making Art


I’m unsure how I feel about Desperate Housewives this year. Everyone seems to hate it. Hell, everyone seems to have been hating it for the past few years. But honestly, I never stopped loving and enjoying the crazy, lovable characters of Wisteria Lane. Contrary to what many believe, I actually thought Season 7 was an excellent season and a return to form after 6 which had been my least favorite. The finale was particularly excellent as it set up a wonderful mystery for this season.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if this season is as good as it should have been being the last one ever. I honestly still can’t get over Carlos’ guilt. It just doesn’t make any sense. Alejandro was about to rape his wife AGAIN, there really shouldn’t be any guilt or need to hide around so much. They all covered up a murder which definitely would have been ruled as accidental. This whole issue requires a suspension of belief that is a bit much even for this show.

Last night’s episode in particular was one that really confused me. I liked quite a few things, but some subplots bored me to tears. For example, Susan’s whole art storyline is dreadful and boring. They really need to find something more amusing for her to do because her giggling like a child over a nude model was painful to watch. As for Gabby, well she keeps acting like the same spoiled brat she’s always been. Yes I know its funny but Gabby developed a lot over the last few years and sometimes it feels like the writers choose to forget that which is a disservice to the character. Lynette FOR ONCE, I enjoyed! It’s such a pleasant change to have her away from annoying tom. Her bar stuff with Renee were great and the guy she met was actually ten times more interesting than Tom ever was. But writers PLEASE give Renee a serious storyline. I don’t understand how a show can scoop up Vanessa Williams after her epic turn as Wilhelmina Slater and then waste her so terribly. Finally, I quite enjoyed Bree. I’m a big fan of giving Bree storylines that don’t have to do with a love interest so it was quite a pleasure to watch her cook for the “homeless”. The final twist with Ben’s housing location being the scene of the crime was excellent and intriguing.

Still, the show should be better on its last season. Let’s hope they start picking up the slack next week. I know they can do it. 

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