The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 2×02 – Bloodletting


Of course this episode was going to be a bit of a disappointment after the excellent premier but it was still pretty good. I do like that they took a breath and allowed the reality of Carl getting shot to sink in. I do have to wonder what was the purpose of that one flashback. It came out of nowhere but I do hope we’ll be getting more. Nevertheless, the episode was a very strong one as I’m particularly enjoying the new doctor and his house which could serve as a sort of refuge for our characters. Sarah Wayne Callies was fantastic and she’s really proving herself as a great talent (she didn’t really have the chance in Prison Break) but she’s really shining here.

I would also like to mention that aspect that draws me in the most within this show; it’s just so realistic! Yes there are zombies, but if you take that in, then everything else is handeled perfectly. Characters actually behave in a realistic manner, much like we would if we were put in the same situation. There’s no suspension of disbelief in terms of the characters and how they interact with one another and this apocalypse they’ve found themselves in the midst of. That’s truly the show’s strongest attribute; the writing team take the subject matter very seriously and have thus created a show that feels organic and simply fascinating to watch.

With the news just announced that the show has been renewed for a season 3, I for one can’t wait to remain hooked on this fabulous production. 

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