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The Vampire Diaries 3×07 – Ghost World


This show can not keep blowing my mind every week. Every episode is just packed with so many wonderful twists, action, and jaw-dropping moments that simply puts other shows to shame. While most series drag out important events for episodes at a time, The Vampire Diaries flies through them in epic fashion. I love how much its treats its viewers with respect and always gives them exactly what they want.

This episode was just phenomenal in that so many storylines and characters collided in a fascinating manner. I must mention that I am loving the similarities between Stefan Salvatore and Angel from Buffy. The whole inner demon thing is actually done even better on this show and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Caroline was also particularly badass in the way she saved Mama Lockwood. I’m even warming up to Jeremy this season who is less annoying and more mature. Lexie’s appearance was also excellent and added an extra layer to the Elena-Stefan arc that is also working out beautifully.

In addition, the montage of the ghosts leaving at the end set to a wonderful cover version of “This Woman’s Work” was particularly touching and heartbreaking. Anna’s reunion with Pearl alone was magnificent enough, but all the characters losing their ghosts was just as amazing. Finally, the ending with Alaric uncovering the tomb with the strange markings promises to yield further mind-blowing revelations that I simply can not wait for. Wow as always TVD.

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  1. TVD is amazing, and this week was brilliant too, but how can you like Bonnie?! I found her quite annoying this week, and very stubborn. I think a lot of that is down to me being a major Anna/Jeremy fan, but she has a knack for making things all about her, though her reuniting with her Grams was totally amazing. All the ghosts they brought back didn't seem like they were simply to bring back old characters just for the hell of it, they all had major roles to play. Anna's reunion with Pearl was one of my favourite VD's scenes ever too, so touching!

    Great review! And in relation to your post on your Buffy post, I'm not aware of turning on any notification for other blogs, sorry. I just try to remember to check back to see if anyone has replied!

  2. Yeah that's what I do. It gets very annoying to constantly keep track of posts you've replied to.

    The Anna-Pearl scene = one of the most emotional moments I've ever witnessed on TV. Amazing.

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