Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives 8×06 – Witch’s Lament


I have a huge bone to pick with this show. What is the point of starting the episode at the end, flashing back three days earlier, then coming back to the end and not really revealing anything new? It was pretty obvious from the first time we saw the ending that the body was gone! This was just totally anticlimactic and disappointing. This plot device has just been overused way too much in the last few years. While it used to be fantastic the first few times on Alias (the earliest I can remember) now it’s just stupid. Now anyways, apart from that; this was an amusing episode. While I would have liked every episode of the show’s finale season to be brilliant and outstanding, it looks like we’re going to be moving slowly. Nevertheless, we got some nice moments. I particularly enjoyed Lynette’s powerful scene with Tom’s new girlfriend Jane. It was realistically done and neither was really portrayed as a villain which makes it ten times more effective. Moreover, I quite enjoyed seeing Bree lead the pack in the body cleanup. I just wish Susan was more involved. It’s pretty stupid to have her off with her own stupid art storyline. Ugh, I’m just waiting for this season to start becoming awesome. Come on DH….

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