Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time 1×02 – The Thing You Love Most


After such a fantastic pilot, the show was bound to be a bit weaker in its second episode. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it quite a bit and am very eager to see where it all leads. The sky is really the limit in the world of Storybrooke so I’m positive we’re in for some awesome tales. I did like how strong and driven our two main women were in this episode. Both Regina and Emma are fascinating characters and given a lot to do in this hour. Rumpelstiltskin was also equally amazing and his final scene with the Evil Queen hinted at a lot of secrets and hidden loyalties. I’m not too fond of the kid who plays Henry (particularly since he has such a main role) but I’m guessing he needs a few more episodes to improve. I do have to comment that I was pleasantly surprised by the effects. While they weren’t as fantastic as the pilot and did have a few cheap shots here and there, they were still very good for network TV and complemented the visual palette of the show excellently. Definitely in for the season.

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