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The Good Wife 3×05 – Marthas & Caitlins


My favorite episode so far this season. Most of that is due to the return of Collin Sweeney; a truly fascinating and intriguing presence who just brings so much with every appearance on this show. His relationship with Alicia in particular is just a hoot to watch. There was an actual level of suspense that you just don’t usually see on this show as he tries to get a confession out of a fellow inmate. Moreover, I absolutely loved the storyline concerning Alicia hiring an intern and the manner in which David Lee crosses her. He plays an excellent antagonist in this and it ties beautifully with Will and how Celeste warns Alicia about his disappointing her. If I had any criticisms, it’s the absolutely awful subplot of Alicia’s daughter and her “dancing” tutor. It makes no sense whatsoever and adds nothing to the show. However, the writers struggling with the Florrick kids is nothing new so I’ll let it slide, for now. Because ultimately, excellent episode.

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  1. What a fantastic episode. Loved the final twist with Will telling Alicia that he had to vote with David Lee because he helped him hire Alicia in the first place! She was the Caitlin of that scenario.

    I like Celeste, hope she sticks around! And I'm on the fence on the Florrick kids. They're very annoying in one episode and then interesting in another. Here, Grace was awful though. Can she just stop rebelling please? So irritating to watch.

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