Revenge 1×07 – Charade


Another week, another strong offering from Revenge. It’s getting a bit much how much I keep praising the show every week. Granted, it has an element of cheese particularly with the voice-overs which are definitely the weakest part, but apart from that; the show is well-acted and captivating on every level. I loved how resourceful Emily proved to be in this episode; the manner in which she consulted her two lackeys; Nolan and the Warden, were surprisingly excellent. I particularly enjoyed the creepy deal between Tyler & Nolan and of course the reveal of the real Emily Thorne and how she disposed of Frank (who was starting to get annoying). I’m not too fond of the Declan & Juliette storyline. They’re both pretty boring and bland characters so I would advise the writers to shift their focus of them. The whole Romeo & Juliet thing has been done to death and should have no place on this show. The actor who plays Declan in particular is an EXTREMELY annoying presence so let’s hope he’ll find himself on Emily Thorn’s hitlist soon.

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