Suburgatory 1×06 – Charity Case


Much like Revenge; the strongest new drama of the season, Suburgatory is carefully cementing itself as the strongest comedy offering of the fall. It’s perfectly paced, superbly acted, and just charmingly amusing on every level. I truly love the cast and the wonderful word that’s being brought to life. While it undoubtedly feels inspired by Desperate Housewives, it adds a wonderful fresh twist to the proceedings to keep things interesting. I love that Dahlia in particular was given more to do in this episode as she’s a true highlight. The whole charity storyline was hilarious especially the auditorium scene that leads to the creation of the Florida Charity event. Dahlia’s monologue about walking through the “locals” was epic and set the tone for an excellent hour. I’m truly pleasantly surprised by Suburgatory week in and week out. Well done.

Nad Rating

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