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Desperate Housewives 8×07 – Always In Control


Finally DH is BACK! This was a true return to form after a lackluster season as it was truly one of my favorite episodes ever. It superbly juggled the comedy and drama that Desperate Housewives is famous for and produced a truly fantastic hour. On the comedy side, I absolutely loved Gabby’s etiquette boot-camp with her girls. It was hilarious to watch as the actresses who play Juanita & Celia are especially excellent. Of course true comedy is successful when it stems from something real and serious, and so the whole idea of Gabby & Carlos being terrified of losing their kids really hit home and upped the stakes for the season’s mystery. Speaking of the season arc, it was handled magnificently. As the ladies struggled to cover their asses we got some amazing dynamics between the four that had been missing for a while. I love the whole the gray area that is being raised with what the ladies have done and how far they’re willing to compromise the lives of others (such as Ben). He was a truly intriguing character in this and while he saved Bree (in a very creepy scene as Chuck returned) he seems like an undoubtedly sinister presence for the future. I just love how layered and complicated everything is becoming.

Other moments that I enjoyed include Lynette and Tom’s storyline which is finally showing just how harsh a separation is on a couple and what it makes them do. It was extremely touching to see Lynette finally give it at the end and want what’s best for her family. I really appreciate that the writers are finally allowing her to grow this season. As for Susan, her art stuff is finally making sense and although her final painting is a stupid move, I’m intrigued to see where it all goes. Finally I love how they tied in Mike into everything with Ben asking him to bury the body.

This is exactly the type of episode I’ve been waiting for from the show’s final season and if they keep it up, we’re definitely going out with a bang! I really couldn’t ask for more.

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