Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time 1×03 – Snow Falls


This wasn’t the strongest episode. In fact after the two impressive offerings that came before it, I’m disappointed to have found myself not really amused by the show’s latest installment. While I appreciate the focus on Snow White & Prince Charming and the fact that the show’s template seems to have been established in a very LOST manner with flashbacks of the fairytale world focusing on a new character each time, the execution left a lot to be desired. I simply don’t like Ginnifer Goodwin as an actress and so I fear this will start making things difficult. I’m probably in the minority in this but I really don’t think she pulls off the role well.

The ingredients were all there for a great episode; I really liked how Charming woke up, the whole mouth to mouth / kiss parallels, and lots of other great touches. Sadly, the episode just didn’t really grab me as much as it should have. Also, the KID! Worst actor ever! I seriously wish they would recast the little brat. He’s utterly annoying!

Anyways, let’s consider this hour a small bump in the road. I’m undoubtedly sure next week will be excellent again. It’s just too bad the first not-so-great episode came so early in the show’s run.

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  1. You don't like the kid? He's good!
    As for Ginnifer Goodwin, I've loved her since Big Love. She is perfect for the role.

    As for the actress playing Emma, much impressed.

  2. I just posted up my own review, and thought I'd comment here. I LOVED this episode, just like the other two. It lacked the fireworks, but I loved the way it was executed, and I think all the cast (Goodwin, and the kind included) are all superb.

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