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Grey’s Anatomy 8×08 – Heart-Shaped Box


I love how Grey’s Anatomy, much like Desperate Housewives which also premiered in the same year, produced my favorite episode in quite a long team. It’s reassuring and wonderful to see two shows that many have criticized as having passed their prime, give us such powerful and amazing episodes. I can’t praise this hour enough. Everything from “heart in a box”, to Meredith’s “I’m not useless” speech, to the entire Lexie/Avery/Sloane/ debacle, coupled with the fantastic patient storylines involving George’s mother and Alfre Woodard as a hilarious writer, were just fantastic. I truly enjoyed this episode on every level and can seriously find no fault in it. And on TOP of everything else, the writers respected the continuity of the series with a ton of references to George & Izzie; two characters who I never really loved, but who are undoubtedly an integral part of the history of the show. It was wonderful to see the remaning trio at the end; Meredith, Christina, & Alex, bring them up and discuss what vital components of their lives they used to be. And of course, how can I not bring up the wonderful cliffhanger with Teddy finding Henry puking blood? Epic.

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