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The Vampire Diaries 3×09 – Homecoming


I’m sad to say this wasn’t as mindblowing as I expected to be. While everything was supposedly coming together at the dance, I definitely wasn’t a fan of the final ten minutes. Although I love Katherine and her duplicitous ways, the twist with her convincing Stefan to save Demon just didn’t feel organic. Or actually maybe it was the deux ex machine of the reveal that Klaus could kill Damon beyond the grave? That was just eye-rollingly stupid. Moreover, I just really really REALLY wanted to be rid of Klaus because he annoys me to no end. He’s simply not a very fascinating villian. Michael on the other hand, would have been an excellent foil for the rest of the season so I feel they dropped the ball with that one. Nevertheless, this was still a very good episode of TVD. I just hold this show to a much higher standard than others since they always seem to produce A+ episodes. I enjoyed Elena stabbing Rebekah, the Katherine swap reveal, and of course Elena’s final moment’s with Damon. Their relationship is still being handled beautifully. So I’ll let this one slide. It was hardly a misstep in the grand scheme of things.

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  1. I disagree. I really like seeing Katherine expose some sensitivity and humanity. It was already starting towards the end of last season/ start of this one. She's still the best character on the series (bar Caroline obvs) but I think it's necessary to see her continue to change.

    As for Klaus, I think we'll be stuck with him until the end of the season, at least. All I'm glad about is that Rebekah didn't die; Claire Holt is AMAZING!

    Great review Nadim =)

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