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Grey’s Anatomy 8×09 – Dark Was The Knight


Talk about a depressing episode. While this episode was indeed phenomenal (for the second consecutive week), it just broke my heart on every level. I don’t think an episode of Grey’s has ever made me feel this depressed in a long time. The whole Teddy-Henry situation was handled masterfully but oh so sad. The fact that Christina was the one who unknowingly operated on Henry when he died is just epic and added so many layers of tension to the hour. The fact that we haven’t gotten to see Teddy’s reaction yet is just horrible. It was heartbreaking to watch her talk about Henry as if he was still alive. And don’t get me started on Meredith and Alex trapped in the ambulance. How many things could go wrong in one night? Let’s not forget Callie & Avery’s mess with the woman and the loose. And of course, the final twist with Mer & Alex exiting the ambulance with the baby only to discover a bigger accident was just the cherry on top. Bravo Shonda. A brilliant midseason finale that works on every level and continues to cement that this show, ain’t even close to losing steam 8 years in.

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