Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives 8×08 – Suspicion Song


I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this one. I appreciate the darkness and the fact that the women keep falling deeper into the mess they’ve created themselves, however I do have some issues with how they got there. Of course, there’s the obvious point that it’s especially stupid they all (including Carlos) feel so guilty when the person they killed was an unsympathetic pedophile of all things. Second, I find Susan painting the crime immensely stupid and hard to believe even for this show. Are we really expected to believe that Susan didn’t think somebody would see them? It’s just too hard a pill to swallow and it’s ruining the storyline for me. Third, while Chuck is a very creepy villian, he’s also played by a very annoying actor who irritates me to no end. Nevertheless, despite all of these flaws, I enjoyed the episode quite a bit and am definitely liking the approach to the season. Causing so much friction between the girls is a new layer to the show and I like that they aren’t solving that so easily. I’m not too fond of Lynette not being included in the hour’s main storyline but her final scene with Tom was absolutely heartbreaking. Felicity Huffman was just SO good as she began to realize Tom didn’t purposely send her flowers. Moreover, while Carlos’ alcoholism seemed very rushed as a storyline, Bree falling back into alcoholism in the episode’s final moments was fitting and sad to watch. I do wonder how the story arcs this season are going to resolve themselves so that’s definitely a good thing. All in all, a good episode, I just wish it did some things better.

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