Revenge 1×08 – Treachery


After a 2 week break, Revenge returns with yet another strong installment. Granted it wasn’t excellent (a level I’ve come to expect from this show) it was still a very good episode as we have yet to encounter a weak one so kudos for that. Emily Thorne continues to amaze me with how resourceful she is. The whole foster dad / fish market alibi thing was excellent, and I just love how she keeps outsmarting people left and right. As for Victoria, her world is crumbling around her and yet I still find her strangely likeable. Madeline Stowe is just a captivating presence to watch. The show’s weak links are definitely Declan & Charlotte (simply uninteresting duo that I could do without). Tyler too is getting repetitive but I’m still intrigued by him. Finally, the real Emily Thorne has decided to stick around and I’m truly excited to see what happens next. Things are going to get very trick for our heroine and I have no doubt it’s going to be a fun ride us to watch her tackle them.

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