Ringer 1×09 – Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna


Not as atrocious as the previous episode but still not good enough. I did enjoy the therapy scenes however and the fact that Bridget is falling in love with Andrew. But of course instead of the show shocking us with Malcolm saving Gemma, they had to drag that out even more (and who didn’t see her still being alive coming). And seriously the dialogue! Particularly anything to do with Siobahn. It seems like most of her scenes are her on the phone talking to one of her lackeys and statements like “she’s on to me”, “take care of it”, it’s just too cheesy to comprehend. Oy. I think I’ve finally lost my faith in the show. It doesn’t seem like they’ll ever dig themselves out the premise’s horrible execution and basically everything else this show has. Too bad. Sarah Michelle Gellar deserves SO much better than this.

Nad Rating

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