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Grimm 1×01 – Pilot

"Why can't you look at her ass like the rest of us?"


Definitely intriguing. Grimm is visually stunning to look at. The setting is full of lush greenery that perfectly contrast the gorgeous nighttime scenes. Much like the Once Upon A Time pilot, the show just pops aesthetically. It’s interesting how both fairytale shows of the season had pilots that didn’t suck. However, it’s hard to compare them seeing as how the tones are SO different. In the long term, I have a feeling I’ll stick to Once Upon A Time since I’m always more interested in arc-driven shows as opposed to standalones unless Grimm gets creative.

I quite liked Nick as our lead. He’s not the most exciting protagonist but he’s perfectly serviceable. The Big Bad Wolf was definitely the standout from the cast though. I have to mention that the iPod thing drove me absolutely nuts! Seriously they found the murdered girl’s iPod and it was still playing the same song she was listening to? And the killer humming the tune is what drove Nick’s friend to return to him? It required a bit too much suspension of disbelief (and we’re talking about a fairytale show here).

Nevertheless, all in all it was still an interesting hour with enough positives to warrant at least another episode or so. I’m also quite intrigued by the ending with the blonde demoness in cahoots with Nick’s boss and their sudden attack on the hospital. Let’s see where they take us next.

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  1. You only have the pilot review? I think you should check Grimm. Season 2 and 3´s first half are a bit slow but then, it goes into high gear and now, I´m finishing season 4 and it has been great.

  2. You should continue, yeah. Season 4 has been really good so far and Juliette finally has a good role.

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