The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 2×06 – Secrets


Even better. So many things I enjoyed about this; Andrea being a complete badass and mercilessly killing walkers (followed by her sex romp with Shane), Lori’s whole pregnancy fiasco, the zombie attack in the pharmacy. It was just an excellent hour. Of course, the highlight was the brilliant final scene that culminated with Lori revealing to Rick that she and Shane were an item. The awesome part? Rick telling her he knew in a tone that showed he understood the circumstances. It was just SUCH a refreshing reaction and you rarely see realistic reactions on TV. The writers could have milked his anger and rage for all they could (and they still might) but so far, it was perfectly in line with how the Rick we’ve gotten to know over the last year would react. It truly cements what an honorable and great man he is. Brilliant episode.

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