The Good Wife

The Good Wife 3×08 – Death Row Tip


Another excellent episode. This show is suddenly on a roll again. The case was particularly fascinating with the very demented rapist facing off with Alicia culminating in his screaming at his mother and brother at the end to “burn in hell”. I also quite liked Alicia’s worry over her daughter after being creeped out by the case. Not very sure what purpose Jackie serves being back and snooping again but she’s also entertaining in a weird sort of way. The Kalinda & Cary stuff was also very good especially in the end when they kissed and he actually walked away which was very unexpected. Also, I loved Eli’s storyline with the politician and his Santa-Fellatio ways. It was a fun distraction and a nice contrast to the episode’s main storyline which was suitably dark.  Eli’s daughter is also an interesting young character for once unlike the annoying Florrick kids who just wont’ go away. In the end, a wonderfully gripping hour.

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