The Good Wife

The Good Wife 3×09 – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


And for the third time in a row, another straight A offering from one of television’s most well written dramas. I was positively captivated by the female officer trial and the ending was a true gut punch with her being deemed guilty. And the cherry on top of this fantastic storyline was the judge’s speech to Alicia in the episode’s final moments. It truly managed to convince me that while I felt pity for the defendant, she was in fact guilty and deserved her punishment. Aside from the amazing case, I enjoyed Alicia being proactive and berating Jackie, as well as rushing out to buy her son a new car. Moreover,  I’m loving the fact that her relationship with Will is causing so much trouble as this investigation into him is really going to turn ugly particularly with Wendy Scott Carr at the helm. The scene with Diane telling Will to stop the affair was just a long time coming. Things are so messy right now and I couldn’t be happier. Simply excellent.

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  1. What an excellent season this has been! I am so impressed. The case really surprised me; I didn't expect the guilty ruling because it's SO rare to see the other side win! Other than that, I too loved Alicia coming down hard on Jackie. Her snooping around Alicia's laptop was awful in the last episode, and I'm impressed that the show came back to that. It's these little details that I love the most about this show.

    Thank you for recommending this!!

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