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The Walking Dead 2×07 – Pretty Much Dead Already


Every once in a while, an episode of television comes along that just blows you mind on every level and truly proves just how gripping and captivating, great television can be. The Walking Dead’s midseason finale was undoubtedly one of those moments and the show’s finest hour so far. The final 5 minutes in particular were harrowing to watch. Shane’s descent into madness was simply fantastic and I absolutely loved watching him arm the group and then unleash the walkers on them. Watching our team completely obliterate and slaughter the zombies was simply excellent. The fantastic scene was made even more epic with the Sophia reveal. With one little twist, the writers managed to tie up a storyline that had been dragging on for far too long. It was simply a masterful turn of events that concluded with Rick rightfully taking his place as the group’s leader and putting a bullet straight through her head. I have to say just thinking about the sequence gives me chills. It was positively brilliant. I realize I’ve focused all my praise on the episode’s final moments yet the rest of the hour was also quite good, slowly building up the tension and wisely focusing on our characters and their barn discovery. This was truly a phenomenal hour of television and the show’s crown jewel. Let’s hope the second half of the season is equally epic. Stunning hour.

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  1. I plan on catching up with this show and starting/finishing The Good Wife this summer! But I wasn't hooked on Walking Dead until THIS episode. What a fantastic, epic ending. Wow, really blew my mind.

    What I love about the show is its tone. It's really unapologetic when it comes to the violence (KIDS being shot and killed whaaat!) but sooo realistic as well. Appreciate the humor too (everything Glenn-related). And I definitely love Shane here (didn't care for the actor on Daredevil and still can't believe he's getting his own spinoff… poor Elektra!).

    Will keep you updated as I watch! Thank you for these reviews, it's always so much fun to read them after finishing each episode 😀

  2. Hahah Im so happy you reached here. Best episode until then! Don't remind me of Elektra 🙁

    Love the tone too. So apocalyptic yet realistic!

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