Ringer 1×10 – That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me


Oy. This show just baffles me. I know I said I’m watching out of SMG loyalty but I have to admit that something about this show keeps bringing me back 10 episodes in. That’s pretty weird because as a series, Ringer is pretty terrible. Things really don’t make much sense and it feels like there’s hardly any buildup or payoff for anything. Yet, I keep waiting for the show’s potential to be unearthed. This episode had its moments for sure. I quite enjoyed Siobhan being back in New York. She actually DID something for once and I enjoyed her killing Charlie. Gemma’s death however was utterly lame. They should have just had her die when she was first kidnapped weeks ago as her appearance this week was positively pointless. It’s writing decisions like these that just baffle me.  And don’t even get me started on the obvious Matador reveal that I’m pretty everyone on earth could see coming, and Juliet’s “rape”. Couldn’t the writers find more meaningful subplots? I do have to mention the one aspect that I think the writers have handled pretty well and that’s Bridget and Andrew’s budding relationship. They work so well together that I genuinely fear for the day he discovers she’s been lying to him this whole time. It’s seriously the only storyline on the show that I find myself actually emotionally invested in. If only the rest of show could hook me that way. Nevertheless, this episode didn’t leave me with a bad taste in my mouth (unlike previous episodes) so I’m hopeful that the coming episodes will continue to improve. Let’s pray.

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  1. I just expect so much more from SMG's return to television. She deserves a show of a much higher caliber of storytelling. But yeah, I'm starting to accept and make due with what we've got….

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