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Desperate Housewives 8×09 – Putting It Together


My oh my. This was just a brilliant episode beyond what I could have ever imagined. It’s exactly the kind of excellent hour this final season needed. I loved everything about it!

First off, I have to mention what I love most about this season’s story arc is the fact that I genuinely wonder how the ladies will get out of this one.

While having Chuck run over by an unknown assailant does indeed solve part of the problem, I still wonder how the mystery will eventually be solved. Chuck actually really drives me nuts as a villain but I guess its because he’s just so loathsome. His interrogation of the ladies was just wonderful as each of their distinct personalities shone through which is a testament to how fabulously drawn they’ve been over the course of 8 seasons. The whole murder cover up has dragged our ladies to such morally questionable grounds and has turned this season into the epic final one I always wanted it to be. Dragging Renee & Ben (who are both wildcards this season) into the mix only adds some wonderful layers to the proceedings.

This episode also contained what was probably one of the funniest moments in the show’s history; Gabby hijacking an alcoholic’s family to make her way into the rehab center. It was pure priceless comedic gold.

I also Lynette quite a bit in this hour. Her dragging Tom into the ordeal was fascinating to watch especially with Jane involved who you can’t really fault for doing anything wrong.

As for Susan, I doubt she’ll move to New York even for a short period of time but she was still amusing and it’s nice to see all the ladies messed up and alone.

And of course Bree; her storyline was heartbreaking. From crashing a random group of girls’ gathering which was both hilarious and painful to watch, to being berated by a despicably evil Chuck, Marcia Cross was given such stunning material to work with in this episode. She deserves an Emmy simply for this hour! I really hate to see Bree grovel but it sure made for some excellent drama.

Finally, the ending was utterly bone-chilling! Watching Bree speak to the ghost of Mary Alice (looking particularity frightening) simply brought chills to every bone in my body! It was horrifying to see how low Bree has fallen especially with a revolver in hand which itself was a great callback to season 1! They are truly laying the groundwork for an excellent second half! If they can keep this quality up for the home stretch, Desperate Housewives will surely go out with a memorable bang.

Wow, just WOW!

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