How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother 7×12 – Symphony Of Illumination


It’s been a while since I’ve written about Mother. I realized there’s just not much to say when reviewing sitcoms but the show’s latest episode begs to be reviewed. It’s hours like these that prove just what a dynamic and creative sitcom this show is. They manage to subvert expectations and flip conventions in such fascinating ways. The way this episode began by having Robin narrate the episode to her and Barney’s future kids no less was simply awesome and such a pleasant surprise. Having the hour end with the reveal that they weren’t real and the revelation that Robin can’t have kids was heartbreaking and unfortunately very fitting. I truly hope the comment from Ted that Robin would never be a “pole vaulter” can be taken literally and that she will end up being a mother simply because it’s an ending I would like to ultimately see on the show. Nevertheless, this hour was both dramatic and hilarious, much like the best episodes of this show are. The characters are simply so well defined that I love spending time with them over and over again. I really hope the show continues for a while because the quality is still top notch. Just give us some concrete tidbits regarding the characters’ futures (much like the fake reveal in this hour). It’s the one weakness that can easily be addressed and maintain the show’s gold standard.

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