Suburgatory 1×09 – The Nutcracker


Talk about music that imposes on a scene. This might be one of the best examples on how important it is to avoid letting your show’s musical score distract viewers from what’s happening on screen. Let’s hope it’s the first and last time that happens on Suburgatory! Anyways, while I would have liked this hour to be epic considering the subject matter (Christmas in the suburbs), it settled for being just good. I wasn’t very entertained by Tessa’s whole needy daughter storyline BUT we got an awesome development with Tessa & George and the kiss so the show gets praise for really moving along with that. Also, Lisa is finally starting to blend into the cast so that’s a great sign as she was sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s good to see the show dealing with and addressing any obvious weak links because the rest of it so carefully drawn and well done. All in all, a fine hour but here’s hoping for an excellent return to form next time.

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