Revenge 1×10 – Loyalty


Meh. A slightly disappointing episode for the best new drama of the season. I think Revenge spoiled me this year with so many fantastic consecutive episodes that I expected a bit more from this one. I do like that things are unraveling for Emily and she’s just found herself in a such an immense web of deceit and double crossings. Faux Amanda however is starting to bore me. Even Victoria didn’t have much to do in this episode. I also expected more from a mid-season finale. The cliffhanger with Emily’s link to Victoria’s new defense lawyer wasn’t such an amazing bombshell to leave things on. Finally, I think the whole Emily having a Japanese sensei arc requires a bit too much suspension of disbelief even for this show. Nevertheless, she’s a black-belt martial artist? Nice. Anyways I’ll let this one slide but I expect more from Revenge (excellent new credit sequence though)

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