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The Good Wife 3×10 – Parenting Made Easy


And the awesomeness just keeps on coming. Nerve-racking, tense, and gut wrenching. The ten minutes with Grace gone were some of the most powerful moments the show has ever done. Unfortunately, I really hated the resolution being so anticlimactic (Grace being baptized). I really REALLY wanted the show to go all out especially with the excellent foreboding dream that began the hour and the fear surrounding Pike to escalate into something truly epic. Had the writers followed through (maybe have Grace kidnapped for a while and give the Florrick kids something interesting to do), we would have probably ended up with the show’s strongest episode ever. Instead, we got a VERY good one that fell a bit short. I do hope we get something that exciting eventually because Marguiles is so up to the task it’s scary. She was exceptional and phenomenal in all her scenes tonight, even more-so than usual if that was possible. She truly is one of my most favorite television characters ever. In other news, I liked having Peter likable again as he comforted his wife. It was a side of him we hadn’t seen in far too long. Will on the other hand was quite the cold bastard and their final goodbye scene was stunningly played. (Which of course, has turned Diane into the villain of the piece but she knows how to straddle both lines perfectly). Finally I’m intrigued at the prospect of Alicia leaving Lockhart & Gardner. I actually never thought it was possible but Michael J Fox proposed quite the tempting offer so I have a feeling the writers might have Alicia try it out for a while. It was would be quite the bold writing choice to do so while staying true to Alicia’s character so let’s see where they take us. In the end, this was a fantastic hour.

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  1. Word. I can't believe they opted out of having Grace kidnapped. Very anticlimactic resolution to a VERY pulse-pounding hour. Love seeing Michael J Fox recur every now and then.

    Also, I like how this show always avoids being soapy and convoluted like in the scene where Alicia and Peter hug Grace after she returns. When Will is arriving to her house, he only sees Alicia hugging Grace and not her husband. A lesser show would've went for a totally soapy scenario where he would've seen her hugging Peter and turned the scene overly dramatic.

    One more thing (before I take a break, I watched A LOT today): guess who plays Alicia's client here, Nadim??? The awful woman from Limitless (the one we absolutely loathe)!! Hahahaha I was dying when she showed up!

  2. No way hahahahha! I hate her! So glad you're loving the show and making your way through it so quickly! keep it up and keep the comments coming!

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