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Something about Supernatural keeps from rushing back to it to watch new episodes. I guess the real emotional attachment is missing. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the show and get in the groove of it again every once in a while. This was an excellent episode to bring me back into the fold after a long period away. The Leviathans proved to be superb villains in this one; equal parts horrifying and hilarious. I also LOVED them impersonating Dean & Sam. The opening massacre (as well as the subsequent ones) were just brutal. I also quite liked Bobby’s quest that ultimately ended with his discovery of the cleaning detergent as a weapon (with the help of charming Jodie). The one thing I didn’t like was Sam leaving Dean in the end. It’s just happened too many times before and there’s no suspense because you know they’ll figure out the Amy issue soon. Still, here’s hoping they keep this hour’s quality up. It was excellent.

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  1. I think I view 'Supernatural' in the same way you do Nadim. I always come back to it, but I just never really consider it a huge favourite, even though it's amazing quite a lot. That episode was a great one though, episodes 9 & 10 are pretty great too, so you can look forward to that too!

  2. Nice to hear someone else with a similar opinion of the show Panda. Most people seem to either LOVE it with a passion or hate it. Very few fall in the middle like us. I always come back to it but there's always something missing although it has episodes of utter brilliance and Jensen Ackles who is a true talent. Good you've excited me for the rest of the season. I have them all downloaded! How come you don't review Supernatural among many other shows on your blog? I try to give a mini-review of everything I watch! Hope you'll be enticed to do the same soon since I really enjoy your Charmed reviews!

  3. Thanks, I'll be giving it a quick mention in my Mid-Season Assessment in a few days, so I hope you check that out! I enjoy all your reviews, too. =)

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