Supernatural 7×07 – The Mentalists


Weak. Supernatural does this a lot. They follow up a mythology and arc-heavy episode with a light comedic hour. Many times it works, but in many cases like this one, it kinda falls flat. Of course, there were some nice touches of humor particularly concerning psychics, but all in all, it was a disposable hour. One very bright spot was the introduction of Melanie Golden. I loved her and see actual chemistry between her and Jensen Ackles. I pray they bring her back at some point because I could totally see her being his eventual long term love interest if the writers ever choose to have Dean settle down. But all in all, this was a weak effort.

Nad Rating

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  1. Great reviews. Though I liked The Mentalists more than you did, I loved what you said about Melanie Golden. She was one of those standout guest spots.

    I'm glad you liked Becky too, because some people didn't like her at all. I thought it was pretty freakin hilarious. And a Crowley appearance is always welcome.

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