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The Good Wife 3×11 – What Went Wrong


So much goodness. The Good Wife has been on quite a roll this last season. There was so much to love about this. First off, I absolutely loved the final twist with Wendy Scott Carr really being after Peter and using Will to do so. It just adds so many layers to our favorite love triangle particularly with Alicia seemingly warming up to Peter again lately. Speaking of Peter, he was quite excellent in this and I loved how he got his kids into private school using his “charm”. I also quite enjoyed Kalinda & Alicia finally being on good terms again as it happened organically throughout a fascinating mistrial case. This was definitely an awesome case of the week as I found myself totally intrigued all throughout. This show is really gonna make us miss it for the next month. Damn. Another brilliant hour.

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  1. My FAVORITE episode of the show so far. The case was absolutely fascinating. I love when they show us the jurors and the process of how they go from voting not-guilty to guilty.

    The final twist was epic too! I really like Wendy, she makes a good villain. And while I'm glad Alicia/Kalinda finally made up, the best parts of this show are when Alicia and Diane share a scene. Two powerful actresses and brilliant writing: amazing combo.

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