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A little update….

Yes it’s been quiet lately but not for long, all my favorite shows are coming back this week so this blog will be consequently returning at full blast. Just a little note that while most of my shows have been on hiatus, I’ve nevertheless been watching a few of my favorite little comedies which don’t really necessitate reviewing as they’re sitcoms. These shows include:

Hot In Cleveland (Season 3): The show has been on a roll after an excellent first season but insanely disappointing second season. The writing staff has definitely put more effort this year and it clearly shows. The writing has been top notch and the cast of course, always on the top of their game. It’s always a pleasure watching this week in week out.

Archer (Season 2): I watched season 1 when it first premiered in the states a few years ago but never really continued once I moved back to Lebanon. I just caught up with the first 5 episodes of season 2 and they were quite amusing. Looking forward to finishing the season and starting with season 3.

American Dad (Season 7): Again, I never really continued with this show after the first few because I could never really find it. I just downloaded the 10 episodes that have aired in the latest season (7) and the show is still hilarious. I’m glad I’m back in the groove.

2 Broke Girls (Season 1): I have absolutely NO IDEA why I’m caught up with this show. It’s painful to watch. It’s seriously the cheapest comedy of all time yet something about it keeps bringing me back when I’m in need of something brainless to watch before going to bed. Yes, this has been utterly embarrassing to admit.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Season 1): I love Jaime Pressley so I decided to give this a go. Of course, much like 2 Broke Girls, it’s HORRIBLE! Yet, I’ve seen all four episodes. Shudder. Is this what I’ve been demoted to during the hiatus?

Yes so basically I’ve been on a sitcom binge. Of course I’m also up to date on Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother; two excellent and superb comedies that never fail to disappoint. That’s all for now. Here’s hoping to a fantastic week filled with the glorious return of all my favorites! Hallelujah and Happy New Year to all!

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  1. Happy New Year!

    I don't watch any of those, but I'm attempting ot catch up with How I Met Your Mother. The sixth season got slightly dull with the whole Arcadian story, but the seventh seems like it's trying to really propel the story forward. Up to episode 4 now. Looking forward to your reviews when series start back again!

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