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Grey’s Anatomy 8×10 – Suddenly


That was one of the single most powerful episodes of television I have ever witnessed. It amazes me that a show in it’s 8th season, can still manage to be so thrilling, captivating, and touching. From the harrowing opening sequence with Meredith & Alec in the aftermath of the crash all the way through to the episode’s beautiful final moments, I found myself totally enthralled by the awesomeness of this hour.

There was just so much to love. First off, every beat in Teddy’s storyline was remarkable. From Christina lying to her face in the OR, to Teddy’s final moments with Henry’s dead body, every moment was phenomenal and superbly done. And the little girl who lost both parents? Extraordinary storyline with an incredible guest star who knocked it out of the park on every level. Her tragedy was horrifying, but painfully realistic. Even lighter moments like McSteamy’s new girlfriend were woven in gloriously as I actually found myself loving her brief appearances.

Finally, the ending was simply beautiful. I didn’t expect it to end on such a positive note with Meredith & Derek getting Zola back but it was EXACTLY what this depressing episode needed. Has Ellen Pompeo (and her endearing smile no less) ever looked better? Utterly perfect.

Nevertheless, I can’t imagine myself ever watching this episode again. It was simply TOO heartbreaking. I was literally crying through a lot of it. It just hit too close to home throughout many instances but it did so brilliantly and with a lot of class.

It’s funny that while my love for many shows has waned throughout the years, Grey’s Anatomy has actually made me love it MORE this late in the game and that’s truly an epic accomplishment. I seriously hope this show goes on for many more years to come. They truly deserve it. Masterful television.

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