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Desperate Housewives 8×10 – What’s To Discuss, Old Friend


I am so impressed by DH and Grey’s Anatomy this season. They’re both still going strong 8 years in. This was an excellent, classic episode of Desperate Housewives that masterfully balanced comedy and drama in a way that still captivates me so many seasons in. I literally laughed out loud quite a few times throughout the hour (of course mostly were Gabby’s epic one-liners) and I was also quite thrilled by the drama surrounding Bree’s attempted suicide aftermath. Vanessa Williams has FINALLY been given a proper storyline and I couldn’t be happier! She’s simply fantastic and I loved everything that had to do with her & Bree in this hour. Gabby was also brilliant, as her and Carlos had some sublime moments in this episode particularly her threat at the end. As for Lynette, I also loved how realistically they handled her and Tom. Although it seems like they might get back together, their problems have not changed and they are separated once more. Finally, I’m not sure where they’re going with Susan. It’s pretty stupid that she decides to visit Alejandro’s family at the end. I get that some people might see her side of things but I really REALLY don’t. Still, I’m of course intrigued to see where we’ll end up. And how can I not mention Bree receiving another letter at the end? The mystery grows deeper and I for one am so pleased to see DH firing on all cylinders on it’s final season. Well done. Please keep it up.

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