Revenge 1×11 Duress


Such a deliciously evil show. Again proving why it’s the strongest new drama of the season, Revenge is simply a delight to watch. Yes it seems like a soap opera it times, but it’s also insanely smart. How fantastic is Emily Thorne? Always one step ahead of everybody else. I loved how Nolan nudges the audience at the end as we realize she practically orchestrated the entire almost-Grayson massacre. And FINALLY, we’re done with annoying Tyler. He was a good yet irritating villain but I’d like to move on to someone new or at least focus on Victoria who is simply sublime. How amazing was her grin during the episode’s final moments? I’d also to mention how well the writers have turned Emily and Daniel’s relationship into one that you really want to succeed even though we know he’ll eventually die. It’s heartbreaking to watch. Oh, and can Emily finally unleash the “inner ninja” please? It will undoubtedly be an epic moment.

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