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One Tree Hill 9×01 – Know This, We’ve Noticed


I’ve always had a very weird relationship with One Tree Hill. Around two years ago, I decided to give it a go and watched all 6 seasons within the span of a month. I was extremely impressed with the first 4 which weaved together an excellent world that was both entertaining and touching. Unfortunately, season 5 with its useless time jump ruined the show for me and 6 was pretty lame as well. Nevertheless, I was hooked on the characters and continued with the show as season 7 began. The less said about that season (and 8) the better. The show became completely different and uneventful. It literally seemed like nothing would happen for episodes at a time. Still, I never stopped watching. The characters, the music, the need to see how it all ends, all kept me in line. Thus, we begin the show’s final season and I guess the premier was fine. Again, uneventful is the word. For the last few seasons, the show seems content on just showing us a day in the life of our characters. That’s an interesting change sometimes but when that’s all that happens then we have a problem. However, I’ll let this one slide because supposedly this season intends to be very dark and epic. I undoubtedly enjoyed seeing the characters again and I’m intrigued to see where it all goes. Let’s hope this is a fitting final season for a show that NEEDS to go out with a bang to retain any dignity it once had.

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  1. God, I quit this show after the fifth season. The first season was amazing, the second was great too. Season 3 & 4 were pretty good too, but in a different way (“With Tired Eyes…” is the show's crowning glory) but the fifth just got so unbelievably boring and cheesy. I mean, how much time can be dedicated to how cute Jamie is?! Like you said, it just got so uneventful. Great review though, maybe this season can get better with a fire under it's butt, it being the final one and all?!

  2. Ah so we agree on everything about it! The only difference is I had to suffer and forced myself to continue because I can rarely actually give up on a show after investing so much! Give it a chance since it's the last season 🙂 And Jamie, AAAAH!

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