Revenge 1×12 – Infamy


How can a show rock this much so soon? I am absolutely in love with Revenge. In the span of half a season, it has carved a distinct identity that’s filled with intriguing characters and fantastic developments. This episode’s cliffhanger alone was excellent with the reveal that Charlotte is David Clarke’s daughter. And I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record but Emily Thorn is still kicking all kinds of ass as one astounding protagonist whom you just can’t help but root for and who never ceases to amaze you with just how resourceful and cunning she is. I just love the fact that this show’s lead is anything but a great human being; in fact she’s devious, manipulative, and downright cutthroat. I truly hope this show goes on for a long time and they find a way to keep giving it that little twist it needs to sustain itself for the long haul. Excellent hour.

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