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Grey’s Anatomy 8×11 – This Magic Moment


Well after last week’s utterly epic masterpiece, this episode was bound to be a letdown. I’m glad to say it was a perfectly fine hour of Greys that was both funny and dramatic. The comedy was actually stronger in this one as I enjoyed Bailey bullying Meredith around and the Chief being a total snake and putting one over on Alex (who always deserves it). As for the episode-long surgery with the conjoined twins, I get bored when we spend TOO much time in the OR but they nevertheless made it interesting enough. Teddy on the other hand really pissed me off (which I’m sure was the point). I don’t know how realistic I found it but everyone deals with death in different ways. However, her breakdown at the end with Christina was totally worth it and really tug at my heartstrings. All in all, a good enough hour.

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