Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives 8×11 – Who Can Say What’s True?


A good hour but I would have liked it to be stronger. I’m not sure how I feel about what they’re doing with Bree. On one hand, it’s suitably dark and creepy (from alcoholic to nymphomaniac apparently) but the divide between her and her friends is a bit forced. BUT, at least there is drama with the once inseparable foursome so that’s at least a fitting final season plot point. Gabby was hilarious as usual although it was a bit too standalone for me this late in the season. Still it’s always fun to have Gabby & Lynette scenes (their final bonding moment was especially great) and who doesn’t want to see Gabby use her “charm” to fake her way through stuff. As for Lynette, filler material but Felicity Huffman did get a great breakdown scene with her kids as usual. As for Susan, well, can she be a bigger idiot? I don’t understand why the writers do this to her. Handing Alejandro’s wife a check with her address on it? Talk about stretching believability. Nevertheless I did enjoy her comforting his stepdaughter as it was a touching scene but the previous point is an unacceptable plot device. Ultimately, this was an entertaining hour as most episodes are but I’m really yearning for straight A episodes as the show near its conclusion.

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