One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill 9×02 – In The Room Where You Sleep


Well that ending was borderline pedophilic! I don’t know how this show keeps going with storylines as lame as Mouth gaining weight? Clay sleepwalking? Oy. Still, we’re so invested in characters like Haley and Brooke that I guess we keep watching (it explains why the show has had consistent ratings and a loyal fanbase since the beginning). This had some horrible stuff it but I also really liked certain aspects like Brooke (as always) and Chase & Alex who have become my favorite couple. Of course they had to ruin that by having her go on tour. Still I’m wondering what exactly is going to be so epic and dark about this final season as advertised. I guess we’re about to find out soon. This episode was lucky to have a bunch of a great songs in it and a few good subplots to balance out the hideous ones. Average.

Nad Rating

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