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Grey’s Anatomy 8×12 – Hope Is For The Hopeless


Fantastic. After last week’s semi letdown, we’re back in a full force in a season that has been just sublime and brilliant on every level. I seriously love practically everything about Greys this season. Let’s work our way backwards and start with the final scene. The fact that everything came at a head at Zola’s birthday party was simply excellent, as I LOVED Hunt finally blowing up at Christina after the way he’d been treated culminating with his epic “you killed our baby” scream for everyone to hear. It was a wonderfully haunting ending.

The rest of the episode also did an amazing job of balancing Grey’s signature comedy and drama magnificently. The comedy was superbly handled with the dueling kidney sisters (hilarious) and Mark’s “I love you” woes (also amusing). As for the drama, well, nobody does it better than Greys and the little kid and his tumor secret was simply heartbreaking particularly on the sour note with which it ended.

I also quite enjoyed Meredith being confused about her specialty and us going back to her mother and the “legacy”. She’s become an enjoyable lead again and I’m thankful for that.

Finally, I’m not sure that I was totally touched by Adele’s storyline but it was obviously very well acted and undoubtedly struck a chord with those who have had any experiences with Alzheimer’s.

All in all, an extremely impressive hour.

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  1. So there was a Greys marathon on TV today and I watched 3 to 4 episodes, starting with this one. And I can't believe I've never read these reviews before!! I love stumbling onto your old reviews hahaha. Seriously shame on me for not finding these earlier though. These are epic.

    And the episode WOWWW! I know a lot of people think the first 2-3 seasons is when we had “peak Grey's” but I think 7 and 8 are my two favorite seasons. The cast was absolutely perfect during this time. I was sooo happy to see Cristina, Derek, Mark, Lexie and heck even Teddy was OK.

    And I got CHILLS at the last minute (I hope you remember this one Nads) during Zola's birthday party when Owen and Cristina start yelling at each other in the kitchen. And Owen's final line “you killed our baby”…oof what a haunting moment.

    I miss this old Grey's so much!

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