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Desperate Housewives 8×12 – What’s The Good Of Being Good


I love it! This episode was a home-run on almost every count as there was just so much to enjoy. First off, I absolutely love what the writers have been doing with Bree the last few episodes. The fact that her resumed alcoholism has driven her to become the “town whore” is both hilarious (one of DH’s best ever teasers with Bree handing a one night stand her signature cupcake) and heartbreaking (Bree making a fool of herself at the bake sale). It’s the exact kind of storyline this show excels at by deftly balancing comedy and drama to excellent effect.

As for Gabby & Susan, I enjoyed the way the abuse storyline was resolved although I wonder if we’ve seen the last of Claudia with her final remark. Actually the aspect I enjoyed most about this storyline was practically everyone berating Susan for being a damn idiot. It at least makes the writing choices and plot contrivances that lead to this easier to swallow. Nevertheless, Eva Longoria as always was fantastic.

Lynette also got some good development in this one as I enjoyed seeing her face her flaws and confide in Renee that she really does intend to change (which would explain a possible Tom reunion at the end of the season if the writers choose to go the obvious route). Speaking of Renee, she got a lot of screen-time tonight and deservedly so; Vanessa Williams is a true talent. I was shocked that Ben proposed then revealed his plans so early which definitely intrigues me. I’m not too sure about the mob’s involvement though which seems like too much of a cliche at this point. Nevertheless, another very strong offering.

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  1. Great review! I've been really enjoying this season, even if there's still a lot of goofiness most of the time. I'm not sad the show is wrapping up, but at least it isn't going out with a whimper.

  2. Ah max I'm really glad you're watching this season! Wish you were reviewing it (I'm sure you will at some point)! I am absolutely loving the last few episodes and am so glad that the show will hopefully go out with a bang! It's been a personal favorite for far too long!

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