Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time 1×11 – Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree


And that’s how you save a mundane show ladies and gentleman! Up until the fabulous ending, I found myself quite bored with this episode of Once Upon A Time. The evidence is that I found myself doing what I do while watching One Tree Hill; doing everything but watching the ACTUAL show. The boredom began when Regina started threatening Emma for what seemed like the millionth time in the span of 11 episodes. I was physically going to stab myself in the eye right then and there. This show had gotten SO repetitive and I had seriously lost all interest in a production hat had once displayed SO much potential. And the fairytale world green screen? Cheap, distracting, and unfortunate seeing as how the visuals were once a highlight.

BUT, the writers threw in a curve ball which pretty much saved the show. And that was Regina and Sydney being in cahoots and having tricked Emma all along. I actually predicted that potential twist at one point, then assumed the writers weren’t going to do it. Evidently I was wrong as I love seeing Emma being fooled and Regina actually DOING something instead of empty threats. Couple that with the creepy subtext between Regina & Sydney and I’m hooked (again). Keep it up show. There might just be hope for you yet.

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