Ringer 1×11 – It Just Got Normal


Pure trash. Everything about this show is just so rotten on every level. The writing in particular is extremely forced and pathetic. As for the acting, well, the less said the better. It’s embarrassing that Sarah Michelle Gellar thinks this show is any good after delivering something of such a high standard (Buffy). I seriously cringed throughout this entire hour. In 11 episodes, the show has barely improved. In fact, it’s remained stagnantly lame and atrocious. While other new dramas such as Revenge (and to a lesser extent Once Upon A Time), built fascinating worlds with vibrant characters and dynamic writing, Ringer has sunk and sunk and sunk. A true pity. But yes, I plan on seeing it till the bitter end (which let’s be honest won’t be more than a season). I guess it’s the whole watching a train wreck and being unable to look away. I mean, has there ever been a more laughable scene that Siobhan trying to “hack” into Andrew’s “tough security system” by guessing such shocking names as Juliet and her own? Seriously who lets this stuff air on national television? Or Juliet’s highly unrealistic response to her “rape”? And how did Siobhan transform from a mustache-twirling cartoon villain to a girl with a conscience in the span of a hiatus?The only things I liked about this episode were Bridget punching carpenter (her first badass move of the season) and having Siobhan in NYC although they really didn’t exploit that to full effect except for the admittedly kinda-cool shower scene. All in all though, Horrible.

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  1. I don't hate Ringer as much as you do, but I loved your review! And I completely forgot about that password scene! “Siobhan” — really??? Not even a couple of numbers thrown in?? Gah! And I always hate when passwords on TV don't have asterisks. It's such lazy writing designed to reveal something (like Andrew's love for her here, etc.)

    And I'm sooo behind on Nikita this season. I have them stored on my DVR but haven't actually watched for weeks. Need to get on that.

  2. The last two episodes have returned Nikita to the top of my watchlist for the first time since season 1. They stumbled quite a bit but it was worth it because now it couldn't be more epic! Please catch up soon!

  3. Wow, you really hate Ringer don't you?! I actually liked this one a good bit, but that password part was hilarious. This is supposed to be an executive of a fortune 500 company?!

    As for TVD, I thought Tatia would be the one in the coffin too, but I guess her appearance will be later on in the season, maybe a big cliffhanger similar to season 1's big ending?!

    Great reviews though, the Ringer one was especially entertaining.

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